A comprehensive solution for your translation and publishing needs

Itzultzaileak lanean maketaren gainean



We offer a wide range of languages, including Basque, English, French, Spanish, Catalonian, Suomi (Finnish), Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese…


We have seven proofreaders and one head of training on our team, in order to guarantee the quality of our work.

Comprehensive publishing service

This service includes the drafting, translation and proofreading of texts, as well as design and page makeup, photographs, illustrations, coordination and adaptation. In other words, everything required to ensure a job done fully, and done well.

Audio recordings

In response to requests from a number of customers, we have set up a small recording studio in our offices, thus enabling us to offer on-site audio services (voiceovers and music recordings, etc.).

Audio grabaketa Bakunen estudioan