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A diverse range of loyal customers

We feel very proud of our customers. They are incredibly loyal and over the years our relationship has done nothing but grow stronger. We work with a wide variety of different companies and organisations, although we collaborate particularly closely with educational institutions, the public administration and NGOs. The following are some examples:

  • Universidad de Deusto
  • Elkar argitaletxea
  • Erein argitaletxea
  • Caritas
  • Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea
  • Albaola Itsas faktoria (Maritime Museum)
  • Aranzadi Science Society
  • Gernika Gogoratuz
  • Gernika Peace Museum
  • Bertsozale elkartea (Museum of Orality)
  • Eusko Ikaskuntza
  • Fundación Euskomedia
  • Cátedra Unesco Paisaje Cultural y Patrimonio
  • Asociación de Traductores, Intérpretes y Correctores en Lengua Vasca (EIZIE)
  • Asociación de Escritores en Lengua Vasca (EIE)
  • Asociación de Editores en Lengua Vasca (EEE)